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Umpqua Survival: Be Prepared For Anything

Umpqua Survival is your #1 resource for survival gear and off-grid and outdoor living supplies. Whether you are preparing for a few days without power or want to gear up for an epic camping trip, you'll find everything you need on our site.

Always Be Prepared

We believe in the old Boy Scout motto of being prepared. You never know when disaster will strike or the power will go out for an extended period of time. When that happens, many of the things that you rely on for day-to-day living could become unavailable. By the time you find yourself in a bad situation, there's no time to prepare, and more importantly, you may not have access to the resources you need.

This is why it is imperative to always be prepared.

Our survival kits are designed with that exact purpose in mind, helping you secure the essentials of: Food, Water, Energy, and Safety/Communication.

More Than Just Survival Kits

Self-reliance may be your greatest asset in an emergency situation, and we have kits for every survival skill level. Explore our website to find survival kits for home, office, the car, and more. We've even got pet survival kits and classroom lockdown kits. We also carry products for:


Let Us Help You Prepare
Disasters happen every day. Tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, floods, terrorist attacks, the list goes on and on. Be prepared for anything with survival kits and supplies from Umpqua Survival. Explore our website to learn more about our products, contact us with questions, or request a quote online.