How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse, or whatever you are preparing for.

No matter if your preparing for a zombie apocalypse, Cascadia earthquake or a simple drive in the mountains. Having certain things will increase your chance of survival and improve you comfort and stress level. I try to encourage people to start out preparing for small situations (Car breaks down in the mountains, someone cuts themselves badly, extended power outage, etc) then work up to the big stuff. 50+ years ago, being prepared was an everyday part of life. People stocked a months’ worth of groceries, raised livestock and didn’t need electricity to maintain their way of life. Today, many people don’t have enough food to survive 24hrs in their home. I also believe in the rule of 3. 3 ways to cover every situation, because you never know what’s going to happen. And every item you carry should have at least 3 uses.

  1. Good rule of thumb is 1 gallon per day per person. If you can store this much great. You should also have 3 ways to purify/store water. We carry several options such as purification tablets, liquid and bottles.
  2. Make sure you have at least 3 ways of making fire. And, be realistic in your abilities. If you have never made a fire, don’t think that a flint and steel is going to work for you. We carry a large selection of matches, strikers, fuel and tinder. And we can offer advice based on your own experience level.
  3. Shelter encompasses several things. If you’re not planning to hunker down at home. It includes a tarp or tent (Many available in stock and special order) to keep the rain/snow from soaking you to the bone. But also, proper clothing for the season/environment. My wife and I both keep extra hiking boots, long pants and a heavy jacket in our vehicles at all time. You never know when you might have to walk a way in the cold or rain.
  4. Knife/Ax. I always build every kit to include a good quality fixed blade knife, a good multi-tool, ax or machete. If possible, carry both and include a bow saw. We carry and excellent selection of all these items and if there are specific brands your looking for, chances are we could order them in. I also recommend that everyone carry a good pocket knife every day.
  5. We can help you find a good flashlight, headlamp or lantern so that you don’t get swallowed up by the dark.
  6. A good firearm is never a bad thing to have in a critical situation. We offer firearms for all skill and comfort levels. We also offer concealed carry classes if you want to be more prepared daily. But if firearms don’t work for you. We also offer everything from slingshots and air guns, to throwing knives and tasers.
  7. Having a 3-day supply of food for each person in your home should be a minimum goal. 30 days is what you should work toward. In addition, look for alternate ways to procure food such as hunting, gardening, raising livestock and canning are excellent skills and great family bonding opportunities. We have lots of dehydrated food in stock, including 30-day food supplies.
  8. Training & Knowledge. You can have the best gear on the market but if you have no idea how it works, it’s just expensive clutter. Take time to learn how to use them. We offer a growing selection of classes to build your survival skills. Practice and train with your weapons and gear. It not only makes you more self-sufficient, it’s fun. In addition, read and collect literature that will help you further your knowledge even more.
  9. This is often overlooked. Surround yourself with people you trust. Survival is hard work. The more people you have working together, the better chance things will get accomplished. Also, you can’t possibly be an expert on everything. Look for people with skills that your group is lacking. Loneliness can drive a person crazy so, having the right people around will give you something to live for.

There are many different opinions on what things are most important. Best type of handgun to carry? Shotgun or rifle? Quantity of water/food to keep on hand? Best people to partner with? But I think all the experts would agree that whatever you choose to start with is better than not being prepared at all.

We are happy to help you get started or improve what you currently have put together. We offer Training, equipment & firearms. Find us on Facebook & Instagram for upcoming classes, events and happenings.

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